Meng Wu (邬萌) is a 5th year Ph.D. candidate at CESCA, Virginia Tech, advised by Prof. Chao Wang since 2014 Fall. He is currently a visiting student at University of Southern California, Department of Computer Science, also advised by Prof. Chao Wang. His research is to utilize formal methods and program analysis techniques to automatically improve safety and security of critical applications.


2014-present Ph.D. Student in Computer Engineering, Virginia Tech

2017-2018 Visiting Student at Department of Computer Science, University of Southern California

2008-2012 B.S. in Electric Power Engineering and Automation, Shanghai Jiao Tong University


[PLDI 19’] Meng Wu and Chao Wang, “Abstract Interpretation under Speculative Execution” [PDF]

[ISSTA 18’] Meng Wu, Shengjian Guo, Patrick Schaumont, and Chao Wang, “Eliminating timing side-channel leaks using program repair” [PDF]

[FSE 18’] [Distinguished Paper] Shengjian Guo, Meng Wu, and Chao Wang, “Adversarial symbolic execution for detecting concurrency-related cache timing leaks” [PDF]

[FSE 17’] Shengjian Guo, Meng Wu, Chao Wang, “Symbolic Execution of Programmable Logic Controller Code” [PDF]

[DAC 17’] Meng Wu, Haibo Zeng, Chao Wang and Huafeng Yu, “Safety Guard: Runtime enforcement for safety-critical cyber-physical systems” [PDF]

[NFM 16’] Meng Wu, Haibo Zeng, Chao Wang, “Synthesizing Runtime Enforcer of Safety Specification under Burst Error” [PDF]

[CAV 16’] Hassan Eldib, Meng Wu, Chao Wang, “Synthesis of Fault-Attack Countermeasures for Cryptographic Circuits” [PDF]



339 Salvatori Computer Science Center 941 Bloom Walk, Los Angeles, CA 90089